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People “Straight Out of the Sky”

November, 2022 | Uncategorized

There is no settlement in Crisana and Maramures where legends about their origins do not abound, about secret places where unseen treasures are hidden, about pagan temples, old witches who know the secrets of life without death and even about monks who speak directly with God and His angels.

The Japanese photographer Miya Kosei claims that “heaven has the face of Romania” and that “the people of Maramures are directly descended from the sky”, referring to the naturalness with which they tell legends from the elders, trusted by their kernel of truth and keeping half their mouths shut in the palm, so as not to attract who knows what evil spirit to those who listen.

“Houses covered with reeds, horse-drawn carts and cattle passing by on the road, a crowing rooster or the voice of people talking as if they were singing; all these, found in every village, create the feeling of closeness (…)”, the Japanese photographer describes this enchanting scenario in which the fairy tale seems to feel at home.

The very birth of Maramures has its own legend, which the inhabitants tell more than a few times by the mouth of the stove, on cold January evenings – it is the legend of the daughter of the last giant who lived in these lands a long time ago: Roza Rozalina.

According to this legend, one morning the girl saw a group of lads working in the field on the banks of the Iza River and fell madly in love with one of them, although she thought at the same time that she would not be able to marry him because of that he was much too small for a giant girl.

Overwhelmed by despair, Roza Rozalina begs her father with tears in her eyes to perform one last miracle before the race of giants is completely extinguished on this earth – enraged, the giant blows on everyone who was dear to his daughter and did it to grow right away, and he enchants Roza to shrink, so that the two can get married.

It is said that Roza Rozalina and the son who was “breathed by a giant” stole in reality the parents from whom all the people of Maramures are descended – tall, tall and full of good cheer, laying the foundation of the settlement known today as Rozavlea.

For its part, Crisana has its own legends, as a historical province bathed by the Tisa, Mures and Somes, at the same time and guarded by the peaks of the Apuseni – a basin where fairy tales naturally intertwine with reality, generating folklore and customs of a special charm.

Text taken from the website https://mythologica.ro/mituri-legende-si-povesti-din-maramures-si-crisana/

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